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Nikki dah dapat baby

Nikki preggy

Baby boi...!!

Nikki and Audi got baby boi! Congrats

@audimok: The baby has landed! 3.3kg 7.08pm 27 Oct. All fine. Already had his rectum violated by the nurse while taking his temperature.

* Audi's twitter

pics credit to Nikki Palikat dan Audi Mok facebook.

Stompin Sabah 2010

Few days back i received a call from Nuffnang and they said to me that i might be have a chance to have a free tickets to this event. so i am very happy with that becoz last year i did joined this event and it was so much fun!! crazeeee!!

Below is the band / artists that going to perform on that day..!!

so hope i can get the tickets...!! Live in KK!!!! see ya...
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