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KaraK - Laluan ke puaka

Based on urban legends and other chilling sightings along the Karak highway, ‘KARAK’ is KRU Studios’ maiden foray into the realm of horror films and is helmed by acclaimed director, Yusry Abdul Halim.

Four college students are heading back to Kuantan after a night out in KL, when they are caught-up in a massive jam along the Karak Highway.

So as to make it back for their classes the next morning, they decide to exit the highway and continue their journey along the old trunk-road…. not knowing that this decision will change their lives forever...

So how was it? this movie was Yusry 1st horror movie.. kinda creepy and for sure more quality...

UK Police use Proton Car

Hmmmm... lets talk about our national product.... Giant? Perodua? Tesco? Telekom? Petronas? Felda?

How about PROTON? Does anyone of u proud of it?

Well do u know that PROTON WAJA and NEW SAGA is being used by United Kingdom (UK) Police as their Car Patrol? sounds weird and funny right?

well its true. check the pictures below..

so how was it? proud? u bet... =)

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