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been tagged by Haori...

Yeay… been tagged again, well nasib la sy free sekarang… eheheh.. thanks Haori…

1. Anda lebih suka karipap sardin atau karipap kentang ?
- hehehe xpenah makan karipap Sardin la… kentang kowt… (no options haha..)

2. Anda lebih suka air kelapa atau air tebu ?
-hehehe… air tebu kot… tu pasal sy ni SWEET…. (saper nak taste..?)

3. Apa pandangan anda mengenai isu jerawat tumbuh selepas makan kacang ?
-erm kacang tu tumbuh kat permukaan muka kot..? (apa jadi klu aku makan strawberry?)

4. Anda paling tertarik dengan lelaki/perempuan yang mcm mane ?
- sopan santun, berbudi bahasa, pandai jaga hati org tua, pandai memasak… (piiirrrraaah… skema tol jawapan….)

5. Apakah perkara yang wajib anda buat sebelum tido ?
- erm…sebelum aku tido…. Baring dlu.. pastu pakai selimut… menguap….dll…..

[soalan yang memerlukan anda berfikir dengan lebih mendalam]

1. Andaikan ada orang menghina ahli keluarge anda. apakah yang anda akan buat ?
- shit you..! family matters jan campur ah…. (wah sensentip…)

2. Adakah anda akan tolong kawan anda yang dalam kesusahan walaupun dia pernah khianati anda ?
- khianati…? Ermm.. dia masih berani ker nak mintak tlg kat aku…? Klu ya, yes why not.

3. Andaikan besok hari terakhir anda hidup. Apakah perkara yang anda ingin buat sebelum mati?
- astaga, palis2 jauh2 (siap knocking wood lagi..).. esk tu hari terakhir jam brapa? Is it AM or PM..?

4. Adakah anda akan pilih orang yang anda cintai atau orang yang anda sayangi sebagai pasangan hidup ?
- hohoho… (entah) dua2 kot… dia mestilah org yg sy cintai and sayangi…

5. Apakah yang membuatkan anda bersemangat untuk hidup sampai sekarang?
- family for sure… (at this moment)

6. Andaikan masa dapat diputarkan balik, apakah yang anda ingin betolkan ?
- actually I dnt wanna go back past, cos if I changed it, then the future also changed… right..? just deal with it…

7. Adakah anda akan give up jika perkara yang anda lakukan asyik gagal?
- well time budak2 dulu penah give up xnak main beskal sbb asyik jatuh.. (xmasuk topic langsung)

8. Adakah anda akan memaafkan orang yang telah merosakkan kehidupan dan kerjaya anda ?
- please don’t messed up with me… wanna know why..? try me…

9. Andaikan kawan anda menghidap penyakit berjangkit. Adakah anda akan masih bekawan dengan dia?
- yup I still friend with her/him but, klu penyakit tu leh berjangkit melalui sentuhan, u gotta stay away la bha… jan cari penyakit… but It doesn’t mean the friendship is over… faham ka..?

10. Sesetengah orang mengatakan budak-budak amatlah menyusahkan. Apa pandangan anda ?

- yup, sometimes they are distraction and annoying, but sometimes they are very sweet and make u feel like u wanna have baby also… kan….?

-hehehe finally habis juga tag ni… thanks haori….-

Person that I wanna tag is

- Steffy


- Josh

- Danelyn

- Juensen



award from Haori..

Well... heheh thanks Haori... ada gaks... awards eh... hehehe.... BTW.. apsal plak blog aku jer yg comel...? ownernya x ka? hahaha... (gilaks betoooollll...)

thanks again Haori... and for those who are read this u are automatically the WINNERS/RECEIVER of this award...!!!
yeay... thanks for me right..?

last night bro Ary did sent me a text... hoho sorry bro HP gue lagi rosak deh... so ilang suma contact numbers... ramai gak org sms sy tp.. apa leh wat... anonymous..


Amazing Susan Bolye...!!

just finished watching the Britain's Got Talent (2009) video from youtube. actually i was amazed with her voice... (actually this is the 2nd time i watched after saw @ Sir Marcel lappy...)

even though she's 47 yo. she got the breathing technique... attoyyaiii mantap gila bh urang bilang.. she didn't spoils at all.... the whole audiences gave her standing ovation (include the judges, except Simon Cowell..) but he also suprised with Susan voices.

"Britain's Got Talent Forum: 47 Year old Susan Boyle wows the judges with her performance in the auditions for Britains Got Talent, singing I dreamed a dream from Les Miserables. A Wonderful Song Sung by Susan Boyle... The Audience was laughing before starting the song... after the song the audience were silent, with smiles on their faces and judges gave her 3 Yes's!"

for those u havent see it... check this out... SUSAN @ YOUTUBE

i only managed to gave u the link, cos the video's embed has being disable by the owner.. sorry guys..

hope u enjoy it..


Show on Saturday...

Picture above credited to Mel's World

and again... as i told before.... (long time ago).. our college will be performing a traditional dance @ Malam Sukan Mahasiswa that will be held @ Sinaran Institute Hall.. (are they the host for this year..?)

Yup.. our college will be presenting an Anggalang (no magunatip) cos another college has already took it... (maybe the host.. i dnt know...)

just back from practice and kinda miss it.. lama sudah x berlatih... hehehe..

if got any changes i will post here.. hehe..

to see our previous performance @ Pesta Kebudayaan Etnik Sabah - UMS, click HERE
or wanna read my previous entry bout Pesta Kebudayaan, click HERE


Vote for Sipadan

The only oceanic island in Malaysia which rises 600 meters from the seabed, Sipadan Island is a world wonder in its own right. It is formed by living corals engulfing an extinct volcano cone which took centuries to develop. Located at the centre of the Indo-Pacific basin, Sipadan Island has one of the world’s richest marine biodiversity in its ecosystem.

Emerging from 222 participating countries, Sipadan Island has been nominated as one of the 261 qualified national and multinational nominees.

Your votes will decide which of these nominees will make it to the top 77 in each group category.

For more information, please contact:

Corporate Address:
51 Gaya Street, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia.

Postal Address:
Mail Bag 112, 88993 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.

Contact Numbers:
Tel: +6088-212121 Fax: +6088-212075, 219311, 222666

Email Contact:


Sipadan is an island located at Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. and it was the world premier diving site for the lovers. its riches with biodiversity.

So we as Sabahan....Malaysian...World.. stand forward and vote for Sipadan as one of the new 7 wonders..!!

I already voted in... prove...? look below... that was my certificate... wanna to get also...? cast your vote and click here.

Now Sipadan Island that was in Group B (Islands category) were RANKED - 14. on the list below...? this pic didnt clear..? click here for live result...

so guys, dont forget to vote SIPADAN ISLAND...!! MALAYSIA BOLEH...!!



Morning all my readers, Today i got exam (Presentation Skills - BLL 1053) at 9am, hehehe wish me luck k... it only midterm bh... but still important right..? hehehe.. so minum kupi dulu.. and have a nice day.

BTW best of luck to friend Rien that been posting to Penang (Job) huhuhu.. gonna miss u Rien...


Tanjung Aru trip (April 20th 2009)

Erm... that day my members got BBQ time @ Tanjung Aru 2nd beach. I arrived there a lil bit late, cos just go back from Church then go home, after that i go to beach... that time all of them already finished BBQ'ing so sampai jak terus makan time.. hehehee..

after that they decided to go swim, so me and sir go to restaurant nearby to buy some softdrinks. Bila sampai sna not just softdrinks kitorang beli, bantai ABC Special terus.. haha..

treated by sir Marcel, kounsikou kio...!!

After that i decided to snap a pictures-lah, yup kinda my current (ter-latest) hobby to snap anything sorround me. (urang pun heran napa.. apa yg sy buat hahaha....)

Hohohoh like the contrast, erm...

another view....

Like the nature tone.... peacefully...

sembang2 moment...

Tanjung Aru beach (2nd beach)

so relaxing..

another tree splashed with the sunshine...

what flower is this..?

managed to catched my own shadow..


sunset is coming...

my friend, Suzine....

beautiful, isn't it..? the flower or the girl? or both..?

cloud nine... hohoho

Pine tree....

Harbour City...

snapped myself into history...

last but not least my lovely baby, Courtney.......

that's all for today, i hope you'all can comment on my picture or anything so i can improved myself. and thanks to sir Marcel cos riding me back home...

BTW the camera that i'm using is only the cheap one bah.. (Olympus FE - 360) but im satisfied with it cos i brought it using my own money... hohohoho...

"yesterday is history, today is a gift, and tomorrow is mistery...." - guest where did i picked this wisdom words...?


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