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Duyung / Mermaid at Pulau Balambangan, Kudat (Video)

i don't know whether this creature ( Mermaid look alike ) is real mermaid or not... but this happened at Pulau Balambangan ( somesay Pulau Banggi ) idk which one is the right place. but my friend told me that this 'mermaid' found after the storms that hit sabah few weeks back.

so lets cekidaut the video...

i do not owned this video so i don't know anything bout this.. but it kinda real right ?


olyvia22 said...

anyway nothing is imposible in this world right..?to the people dat dun believe in this dat means they dun believe God..hehhe...if its a fake..hopefully da ppl that lied will change to mermaid..

Anonymous said...

Hey check this out ... your so call 'mermaid' is up for sale at S10,000.. Check under the name Nerina.

Anonymous said...

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