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Earth Hour 2010....

Hey guys... last night was the EARTH HOUR where the world's largest poll against the world climate change... but then... this year Malaysia participation kinda a bit 'terpaksa join' or else kena hentam by the peoples... what do you think?

Click HERE to visit my last year post-out bout EARTH HOUR.

last year poster... did we managed to reach the target of 5 million sign ups? No answer... but i think we didn't.

This one is Petronas Twin Tower joined EARTH HOUR campaign for the first time last year.

i dunno lah... cam xbest jer this year... sbb dh xder benda2 nih
- Iklan Earth Hour (by Late Yasmin Ahmad)
- this year campaign cam xde2 jer..

btw, i did turned of the lights last night.. but the TV still on (lol) watching AF lorh.. hehee....
dont forget to answer my poll about EARTH HOUR and visit this EARTH HOUR MALAYSIA


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