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2nd Anniversary Of My Blog!

Happy 2nd anniversary for me! Today is my blog's (Head Hunters The Kadazan Boi) 2nd anniversary..!!

1st post - 10/07/2008 Click HERE

Thanks to all my followers, i'm really appreciated for supporting me. It's been a long journey for me and i'll never stop blogging (just for awhile - since im practical that time ;P)

Good news? any good news? yeah since i left my blog about 3 months whoa kinda long.. i've been discovered new hobbies! yeah!!!! and that one is photography. i already bought a DSLR Camera (Sony Alpha 230 with zoom lens 18-230mm).

and for that i thinking of creating a new blog. yeah kinda sad thou to leave my 2 years old blog here.... huwaaaaaa....

But what to do, my HTKB blog kinda messed up.... so im going to be serious (yaka???) hahahaa... no lah... haha

okay enuff with that here's my new blog... please do re-follow me k... and tell 'em that I'm BACK!!!!!

here's the new born baby - Craig Ansibin Photography

not going to deactivate this blog, but i'm only going to post in the new blog... k i laff yew..

Nobadi2 but cheww!!!


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