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Kundasang Trip

Kundasang trip...

Erm... before that i would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all muslim in all over the world... huik...

So on the oct 1st – 2nd we had a family trip to Kundasang, Sabah to celebrate my grandma’s birthday. All of us will stay one night at Sutera Lodge at Kinabalu Park (Malaysia’s 1st World Heritage Site).

On our journey go to Kinabalu Park, here some picture that i would like to share..

Majestic Mount Kinabalu view from Talibong, Tuaran

Arrive at Kinabalu Park

Sutera Lodge Sanctuary..

Lunch @ Balsam Cafe, Kinabalu Park

Sutera Lodge

Kundasang Town

Petrol Station @ Kundasang

That all for day one hehee.... at night we had a Rosary Prayer, birthday party, BBQ and lots of games...

The next day.. my mum waking me up at the early morning maybe around 6am..!! argh.. haha because she want me to see the scenery at our chalet.. here some pictures that i took that time...

and after that me and my sister go to town to buy some breakfast..

We bought our breakfast at Nabalu Cafe Lodge, the prices are reasonable and the foods and drinks are great! Love it..

Later we’re going to Kundasang War Memorial where the place was one of the most popular landmarks at Kundasanng Town. It has major beautification work since i go there Dec 2005 (three years ago). To enter there you need to pay the entrance fees. For a Mykad holder, you only need to pay RM 2.00 per person.

Kundasang War Memorial was built in to dedicated the memorial garden to the memory of the 1,787 Australians and 641 British servicemen who perished in the Prisoner-of-War (PoW) camp in Sandakan and three forced marches from Sandakan to Ranau (Between 1944 and 1945), and many of Sabahans who suffered death in trying ti assist them.

Australia, Britain and New Zealand flags

Australian Garden

English Garden

Colorful flower...

The Changes...

After that we’re heading to the Desa Dairy Farm a.k.a ‘New Zealand’...
Why..?? just take a look at this picture then you’ll understand it...

Nabalu Town (Handicraft Market)

Going back home.... yeay....


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