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Glee Season 2 Episode 5 "The Rocky Horror"

Last night, “Glee” returned from its short break (okay, one week, but it felt like a long time) not just with a new episode, but with the show’s highly anticipated take on cult horror classic “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” Last night’s episode has a lot of hype and expectations to live up to and only partly succeeded. After the sweet and simple “Duets” episode, this special tribute definitely shook things up, but was it a little overkill?

Mr. Schue encourages the glee club to perform “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” for the school’s fall musical, in yet another attempt to win back Ms. Pillsbury, who is a fan of the racy film. Smelling a scandal, a cable news outlet taps Sue to report on the production, as “Rocky Horror” is not exactly a Disney film.

Here's the download link:


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