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Stompin Sabah 2010 (Concert)


Hi readers,

Last week I went to the Stompin Sabah 2010 Concert. I was being sponsored by Nuffnang. Around 1.00pm I go to the Jesselton Point to redeem the tickets and I met Hafiz one of the in charge there. I thought the ticket that I’m going to get is the normal one. But then I got the VIP tickets!! Thanks Nuffnang!!

The location of the event same as last year which is being held at Jesselton Point aka Sabah Port. Me and my friends arrived there around 7.00pm and the rain getting to be heavy on that night. The concert starts at 7.00pm starting by the U.O.X Bands. Thanks to Nuffnang and Celcom cos me and my friends not ‘wet’ as the crowds in the arena ahahaha….. But the im ready to get wet and enter the Arena Zone..!! Jumping and Stomping around while ‘bathing’ with the rain actually the real experience.

Enough the talking let me show ya the pictures..!!!

My Vip Tickets!!

Xpax Logo!

The performances by local act and international. Hosted by Jin from . Toi the angklung man was so much fun... he played the hit single from wondergirls ‘Nobody but you’ using angklung. After that Shawn Lee take the stage with his beat boxing style. He is the current world no 9. MC Vibe also make his appreance together with Shawn.

The Dancer

Jin from Hitz FM

Toi plays the angklung.. Nobody but u!

The crowds was having so much fun in the Arena Zone

Pictures below is some of the performances that i managed to captured. This bands came from Singapore and they called themselves as Wicked Aura Batucada... whoaaa.... what a name huh..

Their vocalis was so much enegertic! Jumpin here and there.

“KK is the best... we will come again in December!!” Jin from Hitz Fm

The most awaited performance is from the Malaysia Queen of Rock. Ella! She sung her hit single such as Rama-rama, Permata Biru, Dua Insan Bercinta and many more... People were very enjoy and Ella really know how to entertain and she owned the stage!!

The young talented guitarist all the way from Ranau. Dicken

The show still not over yet... more to come.. next performances by the legendary guitarists which is Man Kidal and Joe Wings. Both of them really captured the moment. All of us was amazed with their style and skills of ‘goreng’ the guitar. Guitar Battle also happened between both of them and Dicken.

Man Kidal gave Dicken an applause!

The rain is stop but not the show...!! Next Ella make her 2nd and last appearance. Its already Sunday!! Yeah we have so much fun until forgot that Saturday already leaving us... huhuhu... Ella really know how to interact with her fans. No matter how it is. Until at one point there is one guy jumpin straight to Ella and she just being cool and relax! Yeah!!!

Simple outfit make her easy to move jumpin.. head banging...

This is the last scene which is all the artists came up to the stage and sung our beautiful local song “Sayang Kinabalu” Ella also doing some of the Sumazau movement with her beautiful backup singer.

Man Kidal and Toi was enjoy with the crowds that shouting their name..

I was having so much fun attending this concert. Eventhough it was rain a bit but still it was new experience… The concert ended around 1.00 AM Sunday morning. =) Next year they will try to bring more international artists. Thanks to Nuffnang becos sponsoring me.. Im hoping that next event I will get more sponsor task to do… very happy doing this.

See ya!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Nuffnang in collaboration with Stompin' Sabah 2010


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