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Sponsored post - Nuffnang?

After a long-long period of time didnt post anything on my blog because of my kesibukan yg over the top... sorry my fellas.. hehehe

today im going to talk about the picture below :

Yes... suddenly one dock is appeared on my nuffnang account.... what was that?? it was actually a task... task??? ahahaa... as i told ya nuffnang did called me rite? for the upcoming event which is stompin sabah. So they od give me a task to do.... hmmm sounds great right? hell ya..!!! this is my 1st time given a task by a nuffnang..

so what was the task about?

hmmmm.. it was top secret! ahahaa i'll tell you later once everything is clear or after the event done... kinda giving u a surprise! hehehe..

so what point this post for?
nothing.... just to tell ya that i am one of the selected nuffnangers to rock on that day!! ahahaa... silly....

so yeah.... im blogging again.. so happy.. hehehe.... hey fellas... dun forget to visit my other blog and follow it ok... it was my photography blog called Craig Ansibin Photoblog... im not that great in taking a picture but for sure im willing to learn more..more...and more...!!

till the see ya in my next posting...



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