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I would like to congratulate to both Ida Nerina and Tania Khan where finished 3rd place overall in the Amazing Race Asia Season 3 "Toughest Race Ever"....

This is the final result where Ida and Tania Finished 3rd...

1st place - Sam and Vince ( Hong Kong ) They bring back the USD 100,000.00
2nd place - Geoff and Tisha ( Phillipine )

3rd place - Ida and Tania (Malaysia)

Another team that represent Malaysia is Henry and Bernie. Where they only managed put themselve on top 5 (okay lah tu...)

what was i most proud of is after 3 seasons. All the Malaysians team were in top 5 overall.

Tara 1 - Joe Jer and Zabrina (1st place)

- Andrew and Syeon (3rd place)

Tara 2 - Pamela and Vanessa (2nd Place)

- Anne and Diane (4th place)

Tara 3 - Ida and Tania (3rd place)

- Henry and Bernie (5th place)

Congrats to all Malaysian team... next season dont forget to watch me oaky... wakaka...


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