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Langkawi Trip..

Erm... finally i got time to post my story @ Langkawi... so the story begin when i arrived at KKIA terminal 2 (LCCT) on October 15th. I was on holiday with my friends from college and my mentor for 3 days at Langkawi and last day at KL...

KKIA terminal 1 under construction

Kindly the 2nd busiest airport in Malaysia

when its completion it will be the 2nd largest airport after KLIA.

Pulau Gaya

An aerial view of Kota Kinabalu International Airport

Can see the airport runway extension project

While on the plane i snapped some landscapes that make me proud of God creation. Take a look...

The Snake

The Pyramid

Arrived at KLIA LCC Terminal after 2 ½ hours. Took some pictures..


KLIA LCC Terminal (LCC stand for Low Cost Carrier – in case u dont know it..)

After take our luggages at the carousel, while waiting for our next flight to Langkawi.. all of ur rest for a while and have a drink at LCC Mc Donald.. and at the same one of my friend got bring a laptop so i borrowed it and do my most favourite things... ONLINE..!!!

“Link to the world of free”

Our flight to Langkawi Island... The Legend and Duty Free Island..!!

The Penang Bridge, Malaysia’s longest bridge

Penang Island

can see the KOMTAR (Kompleks Tunku Abdul Rahman) Tower..

The white sand beach at Langkawi

The Langkawi International Airport

“Welcome to Langkawi the duty free island”
Map of Langkawi

At the airport we met our travel agent that managed our transportation and accomodation. And our transport is NISSAN SERENA.. and guest who will drive it...?? ahaks... me lor..!!! adeiii... saper lagi.... haha...
me drove the SERENA

And we will stay at Istana Condominium near the pekan Kuah and 15minutes from airport.


Undoubtedly the busiest place on the island, its name means ‘gravy’. If you follow the story behind Gunung Raya and Mat Cincang Mountain, Kuah arose because of a pot of spilt curry from the battle between two giants. Visitors flock to the town to purchase duty-free goods, and which is also a hub of commercial activity with luxury hotels, business complexes, banks, small emporiums and large shopping malls that litter the landscape.

Afterwards we’re heading to Eagle Square but stop for a while at Tourist Jetty if im not mistaken..

Eagle Square

Island of Pregnant Maiden

View of Kuah Town

Aha... this the car that i mention before.. the SERENA.. hehe... erm quite okay la can fit all of us 9 person include the driver seat.... hehehe.... bergaya mah...


Near Kuah's jetty is the Dataran Lang or Eagle Square, which has a magnificent 18m-high marble eagle as a centerpiece.
In the same area is an amphitheater for regular cultural performances that portray the various legends of the island.
In the area are also two covered terraces and two restaurants.

my friends

pose for a while... apa lagi... lantak la...

we believe we can fly

Suzine my friend also... she had a great voice thou..!!

Richolas, Suzine and Lizia...

Adooiii rest for a while.. penat la waiting the girls (shopping lor..!!!)

erm.. this taken after bought some souvenir from the mall... really exhausted

This is Adam my buddy.. wakaka... his dream is wanna be a model so anyone who can give him some runway job..??

Owh before that, near the Istana kondo that i’d stay got restaurant that only open at night and if u wanna try the best Tom Yam in town i suggest you go here.. just in front the condo..!! you must try it... really delicious.. but i forgot to take picture.. huhu...

Finish day one any i’ll post day two after this... wait k...



Anonymous said...

wakakakaka....semua nie yg baru2 begmabr ka.hehehehe....
c adam mcm model kunooo..wakakaka....

Virgonz said...

wakaka.. adam tu begaya jak.. wakaka

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