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Mahua Waterfall Trip Part I

as what i promise before.. im going to post about my trip to Mahua Falls @ Tambunan...
wat is Mahua?

Mahua Waterfall is a plunge type waterfall located in Kg. Patau, Tambunan, Sabah, Malaysia. It became one of the most important tourist site for the people of the district.

The height of this waterfall is uncertain. Some source puts it 9 metres, another 15 metres and yet another 17 metres.

Leaving Tambunan in the direction of Ranau, you will reach Kg Patau after 10 or 15 minutes and see a sign post indicating a left turn to the Mahua Waterfall. (If you come from Kota Kinabalu, it would be about a 1 ½ hour ride).

After making that turn, you trundle along a dirt road for 6 km. The first stretch of the road is in relatively good condition, but it gets trickier the farther in you go. My guess is that an ordinary car would encounter difficulties in wet weather. We were in a 4WD, but because it was not one of those rugged 4 x 4 work horses, we did experience some sticky moments.

Eventually, we came to a large clearing along which a river rushed. This marked the end of the road. The track was rather muddy and to avoid getting our vehicle stuck, we walked the rest of the way in to the Mahua Sub-station which had been financed by the Japan International Co-operational Agency (JICA). A friendly caretaker there maintains an office and collects an entrance fee of RM3 per person. For that fee, you also get to use the extremely clean toilets.

ok clear aboout Mahua? then continue to my story.... cewah... ahhaa

this trip is actually our final project (Recreation Management) so all of us decided to choose Mahua as our camping site... (recreation).

actually me and other student supposed to join with the others (1st trip) but we got another event and that was PRESIDENT LIST AWARDS. so all of us will depart from college around 12noon... huhu...

when we are arrived there, the others who arrived earlier is setup the camps... phewww rileks sikit... ahaha... no lah... penat juga bh kan duduk dalam van tuh...

this is my group

setup the camp

like this scenery.. cam kat dlm citer Twilight plak ahaha...

kan? mcm kat tmpt omputih kan? hehe.. ader bangsal... pastu rumput kehijauan... pokok pain..

have u ever seen a really massive ants before? mmg besar ni.. as big as my thumb.. btl! adeh...

yup... all of us on our way to go down to the valley... utk mandi manda got river bh sna... punya sajukkkk...!!!

tiny hanging bridge..

as usual.. all of us (Tourism Student) mmg kena cop as hyperactive student than the others... so xheran la klu suma mmg gila posing... asal nampak camera terus hilang "kemaluan".... aiks?

most favourite part... main siram2 air.. hahaha... actually sia inda suka bha ni... sebab tu hidung termasuk air... wakaka.. (but suka la tgk durang main)

amit... taking picture of them

ada hantu ni... x pecaya? hehe... inda bh... makhluk halus jak...

berani mati sia time nih.... duduk di tengah2 sungai yg deras... (can u imagine, what would happen if im fall down? aduuiiiinah.... bagus kalau camera sy waterproof...)

ni lagi salah satu giant creature... korang pernah nampak landoi (anak berudu) begini besar kah?

well ni la natural beauty dorang... hilang tu mekap2 suma time mandi.. haha..

security guard....bodyguard...bonzer... haha.. watever...

yup... bagi pemakai yg mempunyai masalah kelimumur (dandruff) pakai la syampu ini!

hah... lepas habis kami p mana? cuba teka? hahah balik la bh kn? sudah kesejukan... xkan mau bermalam sna... dlm perjalanan balik tu sempat gak snap ni... ala klu dlm film ni yg salah satu probs kan? hhahaha... apa yg sia melalut ni? haha.. bh mana2 jak....

sampai sini dulu cerita sy k.... kita jumpa di part II...



framichele said...

Very nice: I hope to visit this on the way to Karmel Kaingaran...

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