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Manukan Island Trip...!!

erm hahah this post i would like to post my Manukan Island trip... hehehehe... so enjoy it... now hitam sudah sy.. hahha
Kota Kinabalu welcomes you...!!

Jesselton Point

rendition of Jesselton history...

welcoming gate...

erm.. nice and unique public phone...

lets go baby...!!

Sabah tourists destinations


used to be my junior in secondary school and now he still my junior in college.. haha

hahaha do you see us...?

island in background is Gaya Island

Nice place

Jessel Port used to be... hehehe

Suria Sabah Mall under constuction

hahah sepet already...


another view of Jesselton Point

red lantern... CNY mood...

express ferry to labuan

Nasi Padang... erm yummy... haha

group photo..

Amit with Rosli

Me with Reby..

Jesselton Point

smile..? hahha none of them are smiling... scared ah..?

first group to go... me and others wait another boat..

the pier in Jesselton Point

1st trip...

me and ivy




Wisma Merdeka

KK city view from sea

KK city

wat that..? bird..? hahaha

me and ivy... aiyo really ugly la my hair... huhu

this boat is drifting hahaha..

huhu... gotcha..!!

wah there's our destination

Sulug then Manukan.. hihihi..

this one is erm Manukan Island is it..?

this is Sulug Island

there's the island... hiks..

Manukan Island here i come..!!

huhuhu.... clear2... ready to jump..!!

fish2... haha

erm excuse me.. im looking for Mr Nemo is he around..?

huhuhu... can i catch it..?

posing is a MUST..!! haha

huhu... wonderful..

Manukan Island


white sandy beach..

really damn beautiful..

no fishing please..!!

clear crystal water..

the boat jetty..

that was Sulug island if im not mistaken..

huhu jernih sungguh...

lawa kan...? hehehe

Ni la last pic sy amik hari tu sbb tiba3 camera x function...
cett geram betoll huhu.. nanti la pic yg laen aku mintak member dulu k.. pastu masuk kat sini..

jan lupa komen k.. hehehee..


Jun said...

~ Hi
~ I'm very interested about Jesselton that u hav post ur pics into ur blog & I wonder where the Jesselton is situated?
~ It was a nice & beatiful place. I wish I can go overthere with my family & my friends.
~ Beside,wat is the camera u r using when u take those pics? It looks nice!!

Virgonz said...

Jesselton Point is situated next to Police Custom Head Quaters...

yup.. the pic i took by myself.. huhu...

Virgonz said...

owh yup jun camera that i used is OLYMPUS FE - 360 huhuhu

Virgonz said...

biasa jak bh sy ni.. amateur...

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