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Esther OIAM 3

last night been watched the first weekly concert of One In A Million season 3 that aired on 8tv.

so for there is one contestant that really have the 1 million ringgit voice...

that for sure is Elizabeth Appulunius Chin or better known as ESTHER..

so last night she sang BETTER IN TIME by Leona Lewis and got the praise comment from the judges.

so here the videos start from her audition from Kota Kinabalu... (you judge by yourself..)


Esther and Syikin elimination round (top20)

OIAM 1st weekly concert (Better In Time)

so apa pandangan korang mengenai ESTHER...? ketepikan soal kenegerian tp tengok pada bakat.. kerana ia terletak di tangan kita suma untuk melihat sejauh mana industri seni tanah air kita berkembang...



Tata said...

Definitely...I was accidentally watched OIAM last nite, and EASTER impressed me with her talent!

Virgonz said...

yup agreed with you...

and what paul moss said.. i was happened to me...



Anonymous said...

she's got talent and I think she can go far in this music industry!

Virgonz said...

of course she will (finger crossed)

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