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Tony Blair in Kota Kinabalu

who never thought that world most powerful man back in 1997 was here in Kota Kinabalu ? I also dont believe that... is that a jokes ? no its real... Tony Blair is here... in KOTA KINABALU...!!! he was Britain former Prime Minister . He and his family having holiday in Sabah without the people noticed them...

Let's follow the story...

Tony Blair on black shirts

KOTA KINABALU: Despite being discreet, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair and wife Cherie could not escape attention when they attended a church service here.

Dressed casually, both had shown up at the Sacred Heart Cathedral yesterday to attend the 9am service presided by Archbishop Datuk John Lee.

The Blairs are on a 10-day private visit to Sabah.

Many were initially unaware of the presence of the Blairs, but when they did, they took the opportunity to take pictures with the couple.
Not a private trip anymore: Blair (right) leaving the Sacred Heart Cathedral in Kota Kinabalu where he and his wife Cherie attended Sunday service.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk V.K. Liew said he was sitting in the pew just in front of the Blairs.

“I saw this lady sitting behind on my left and she looked familiar, but I just could not place her,” he said.

Liew said his wife Datin Dr Lindai also noticed a familiar male face sitted next to the lady, but could not be certain if it was Blair because he had dressed casually.

It was when the Blairs were walking away after service that he was certain it was them.

Liew said the Blairs obliged when some churchgoers requested to take pictures with them.

Tony Blair in a distance

It is understood that the Blairs arrived about a week ago and were due to visit some islands in the east coast.

not enough with the picture? heres the video of him... credited to PrimusPio

credited the pictures to



GeTzzz.... said...

OMG! No wonder my friends were talkin abt it........I cud never imagined they would come to sabah .....
-Those people there would be very happy to get a chance to see him live..

Virgonz said...

woah... u just ignored them? how come... hehehe... i also knew this story after reading papers...

GeTzzz.... said...

it was all due to my ignorant state. I was not even there to watch the commotion...

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