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Sabah "Home Of Scorpene"

Kota Kinabalu: Region 2 Commander, Anuwi Hassan, said people in Sabah should be proud when the nation's first submarine, the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, arrives at its Sepanggar base on Sept. 17.

"Sabahans should be proud of having a submarine based in the State," he said, adding some of the crew are also Sabahans.

Anuwi said with the existence of the submarine, the country's sovereignty was covered on all fronts.

"We are complete now in war scenarios with the submarine in our inventory É it is a strategy asset, which will enhance our underwater capabilities. It is particularly important to Sabah too because we have immediate threats such as overlapping claims over maritime borders, among others."

The KD Tunku Abdul Rahman's first VVIP visitor in Sabah would be Head of State, Tun Ahmadshah Abdullah.

The TYT is scheduled to officiate at the historical ceremony to receive the Scorpene submarine once it berths in the country's sole submarine base, completed exactly a month to the arrival of its occupant, at a cost of RM320 million.

He said everyone at the naval base is excited about the new addition to the family, the pride of the Royal Malaysian Navy.

"We are counting the moments to the day the submarine will arrive here.

I was at Port Klang when the KD Tunku Abdul Rahman docked and everyone including the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin, Sultan of Selangor Sultan Sharafudin Idris Shah and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak were mightily pleased," he said.

The 67.5m-long submarine arrived at the KD Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah naval base in Pulau Indah, Port Klang at 9.18am on Thursday after a 54-day, 6,000km journey from Toulon, France, which included 32 days of submersion and 10 days of surfacing.

The submarine is equipped with six torpedo tubes, which can fire simultaneously, anti-ship surface missiles and anti-submarine torpedoes.

The 32 crewmen of the submarine were trained on a four-year course in operations, maintenance, submersion techniques and overcoming challenging situations.


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