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Thanks for the birthday wishes...!!

THankSS to Miss Kath for this wonderful Birthday CARd...!! and this entry i would like say thank you very much to

My Dad, Mum, Casey, Cyndy, Bro (Boyd), Mimie, Jaq, Miss Kath, Mdm JJ, Ani, Joyce, Adam, Lisa, Arfa, Zura, Zoe, Fidelis, Nucy, Eleram, Alvin, Abg Manz, Ary, Tonz, Joshy, Syaifull, Rien, Mashyurie, Asmidar, Mizchocberry, DK, Hanim, Andreanna, Flojerz, Mieng, Cakip, Welzan, Rozalia (Naka), Adriana, Olivia (Newton), LOve (Aeticah), Zuera, Andy Wong, Nurash, GJown, Slik, Sis Vee, Erry (Haori), Ah Mae (WoohooMae), Eefzah, Liza,Asha, Naga, Faramiela,Sopi.

(psst... and to all my friends even though some of them are not wishing me... but i didn't care bout that... cos as long as u are my friends that's the best for me!)

Thank you so much...!! Enter to the world's of 20. not bad at all.. hahaha..

its been amazing year to have all of you as my friends...!!

Thanks to barn buddy also.. hahahah..


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