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Joanna Sue Henly Rampa (Anna)

hello readers... this entry im going to talk about the Bintang RTM Contestant Joanna ( Anna ) this is requested by Gracie.. hehe.. thanks Gracie..

yeah as we all know that Anna is one of the BRTM contestant that still on the way to becoming champion (hopefully)...

here's the rendition on Anna pictures..

(Anna the former Unduk Ngadau Winner 2007)

A girl that came from Tuaran, Sabah
*my hometown leh... hiks..

have a good personality.. and packges to become an entertainer look..talent..passion.. everything

Anna also runway model, and local artist in Sabah

credited picture to :

here's is her video performing When You Tell Me That You Love Me @ Bintang RTM

and this one is Anna's Kadazandusun song entitled Koupusan

so dont forget to tune in TV2 to watch this program and vote for ANNA !



wintergurl said...

cantik dan menawan . memang ada package

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