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Meet Stacy @ Intimate Promo (Shenanigan's)

for those who are really mad-crazy about Stacy, dont forget to catch her @ Shenanigan's, Hyatt Regency Hotel @ Kota Kinabalu this June 26th. and win a chance to DINE & PARTY with Stacy in Shenanigan's Fun Pub!

(Click the images to view in large resolution)

at the same time meet Stacy at :

3.00pm - Ngiu Kee, Kota Kinabalu
4.00pm - Sunny, Tanjung Aru
5.00pm - Chua Kah Seng, Donggongon

dont forget y'all....!!

btw, i cropped this picture from Breeze Magazine (its free...!!) and below is the front cover for issue 17...!! go get it.....



FL Feinier said...

""""""for those who are really mad-crazy about Stacy,""""""

wei, ayat tu wei... hahaha... general kah, narrow ni vir.. cam sya ada rasa pedas2 ja skit2.. haha... tak pa lah vir,.. sya tunggu si stacy dtg cni Penang jg.. haha..

FL Feinier said...

Gurau ja ar.. hehe.. (^_^) (^_^)

Virgonz said...

morning FL,

wakakaka.... jan ko... ramai yg madness bh, pasal Stacy jak.. haha...

ngam lai tuh... org kata "siapa makan cili dia yang terasa pedas" wakkaakak....

oooo ko d penang plak ka? sy ingat di kk... hohohoho... bh ko tgu la dia disana....

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