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Day 1 (KK - KL)

after packing all my things, around 4.30pm we are heading to KKIA. our flight schedule are 7.30 pm.

we arrived at KKIA at 5pm... so early right? haha... cos to avoid the traffic jam...!!

around 7pm we are ready on board... huhuhu.... boeing 777 first time on board on this plane...
ko small tv infront lagi.. ahaha...

my younger sister, mom, aunty, and my younger brother..

our dinner chicken friend rice

bon apetit!

inside the Boeing 777


we arrived at KLIA around 10pm.. hehe... the plane dropped us in Satellite Terminal.. so we have to go to main terminal by riding the AeroTrain...

World time.. wah PTT look like much more taller than Taipei 101 in this picture right..?

the AeroTrain..

haha... this only i managed to post about day one.. hehe.. after that Jack (my sister future fiance) took us to go ate something...

and 1 thing that i noticed is... got "kabus" la in KL... hahha.. then my sister said it was the haze... its kinda getting worse day by day.. hahaha...

ok la thats all....


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