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Remembering Michael Jackson ( 1958 - 2009 )

Usher sang and stand next to Michael's coffin.

Last night around 10am local time- Staples Center, Los Angeles (1am Malaysia Time), there's a live broadcast for Michael Jackson Funeral " remembering Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009 " i watched it from E! Channel. It was wondrous funeral.. suit for a King like him. King Of Pop !.

half hour later. their bring in the Coffin and all of the peoples around Staples Center. paying their last respect to the King Of Pop. All of them give Him the standing ovation. Whilst that and choir sang a melodious hymns..

i got almost cried.. hehee.. such a wonderful.. managed to catched some lyrics " that the real life Peter Pan... was gone. " How about Neverland ?

Then after that Mariah Carey sang I'll be there.. one of Michael's hit song back in 1980's . she sounded very emotional when sing that song. can hear she kinda lost her voice. (We dont need you to be perfect Mimi... you sound very perfect...!)

After that Queen Latifah give some speech. She did said that Michael is a big star and trying to "heal the world" through his music. and i agreed.

at that time im kinda sleepy already... hahaha... but then Lionel Ritchie came out and sang a beautiful song entitled Jesus is Love . i dont really care if got some people said something about that song... and for this i cedok some Joe Lee's words from his blog

Honestly, I was appreciating every moment of the memorial up to this point. Then Lionel Ritchie came on with a beautiful rendition of Jesus Is Love. This brought on the wave of idiots.

Beginning with one of my friends' Facebook comments from someone stupid in their list of friends. Malas aku nak komen mana la, but this person posted, "I'm hurt watchin his funeral could they???", which was an obvious reference to the song having religious connotations.

I just blew up.

Do you know what a memorial is? It's an event that serves as a remembrance of a person passed on. It's to celebrate the life of the person, to engage those memories of when they were alive, and accept it as a closure to their passing. Too many big words? Then turn off your f*cking TV or computer if you're watching online. What the...

Bodoh gila! Do your homework, b*tch!

Yes, we all know that he reportedly changed his name to Mikaeel after he converted.

But here's the thing. The Jackson family, like Michael throughout his life, has been very quiet about Michael's religious inclinations, and have not revealed what religious aspects from what religion or religions might be incorporated into either his private or public memorials.

So it is up to them. You don't f*cking know him, b*tch, and you're not f*cking family! So shut the f*ck up. It's a memorial. We're celebrating his life! Not b*tch about what songs are chosen to be sung. Apalah.... benda macam ni pon ada nak feeling nak debat bagai.
okay enough for that.. at this time i slept already hahaha... it's not because the funeral was boring but.. im really tired... when i woke up... the young boy already finished sing. if im not mistaken he was the contestant for Britain's Got Talent Show and he supposed to perform with Michael in London. check out his video.

and afterwards all Michael's backup singer sang all together the We Are The World and Heal The World .

i kinda amaze with all the world's religion symbols "unite" all together as you can the the typography behind. the messages to "heal" the world was spread each corner of the world. and bring the PEACE to all human races...!! God Bless You Michael !

Last but not least is the family member speech... and Paris, Michael daughter for the first time give a short speech and tell all the world that how much she love her daddy...

She said this.

"I just want to say... ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you can ever imagine. And I just wanted to say I love him. So much!"

I'm speechless... Michael leaved his children when they are still young... gosh... damn... its really sad... and i read some articles that Michael want Diana Ross to take care of his children.

Rest In Peace.


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